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We 8767 ve added a new plugin to the hardcore server: Diseases
This adds various illnesses and injuries to Minecraft, along with cures and first aid stuff. If you get sick or injured, you can craft the appropriate cure to heal yourself. Another option is to set out to find one of the various medical tents scattered across the map. As you get sick, you build up an immunity. You can read more about the plugin at the website

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We 8767 ve added a new plugin that allows for some cool mechanics such as bridges and gateways. There are examples of them all over spawn, so check them out!

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7) Create a smaller, completely new world. This world would be similar to the shop world (bigger though) that allows for transferring blocks back and forth.

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You can spend time with villagers and enjoy the entire experience from the comfort of their home. In fact if you spend a lot of time with a woman villager you will be able to have kids with her and at the same time you can wait for them to grow and use them to carry goods, perform tasks and also access a variety of other services that they can provide.

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If You ever wanted to see a snowman in Minecraft you can! These creatures are called Snow Golems. AKA Snowmans. Here is how you can easily make one.

When taking the items out of your crafting table or chests, use SHIFT+LEFT CLICK to put the item, with all attached to it, into your inventory. Another way to do this quickly is to left click, then right click, and alternate, but this only works for crafting tables.

You can get megenta or any other dye i think it depend on the biome. you need flower forest biome to get megenta dye and if you have that biome you need to get blocks of grass (dirt doesnot work) and bone meal the grass it will make out of that flowers for dyes and also seeds

You can make the pyramid for beacons from it. Also you can make golden apples to cure zombie villagers, but guess that fits in the crafting department.

As I 8767 m sure people are aware, Minecraft was released today. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what our plan is for updating the server.

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