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When you see a red tarp hanging above you after you exit the building, find the ghost on the glass section of the next building right under the red tarp.

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In the second area, take note of the big gate. From the gate, walk all the way to the left to find the ghost in the dark.

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Look for a destroyed boat on the right side of the shores near the cliffs. Enter the main cabin to find a Dead Ghost by the wheel.

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When you reach the room with the giant portal, look ahead to see a giant white beam of light. Head to the light and use structures near the light to start climbing up. Jump all the way up the flat wall and you'll find the ghost on the top.

Enter the Abyss and traverse to the sixth lamp. From there, take a sharp right until you reach the edge. Follow the edge to the right to find the Ghost. This can also be done in the mission Last Rites.

This ghost can only be found in The Nexus mission. In the room with the large tank, find the office room and you'll find the ghost inside a sink.

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