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Operating in over 665 countries worldwide, the company has been around since 7558 and are licensed by CySEC and ASIC giving clients a high-degree of trust and safety. Be sure to check out the promotions they offer.

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While the pros of these downloadable apps is that you can choose to study them through their systems and charts even when internet is not available and they depend upon the speed of your system and not the website or internet. The downside to such apps can be their excessive memory usage, viruses, internet hogging etc.

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The MT9 platform sends you daily statement if there is activity on your account and monthly statements. You can easily view your trade history and go through your trade performance trade by trade. The statements can also be used as trade logs to see where you are making mistakes and to assess whether there are pattern that are either beneficial or hinder your trading.

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The Fx market is open 79 hours a day, 5 days a week with the most important world trading centers being located in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and Sydney.

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Do you wonder, if there is a way to get a millionaire by trading with forex? The short answer: yes, that could happen.

Basically, the Forex market is where banks, businesses, governments, investors and traders come to exchange and speculate on currencies. The Forex market is also referred to as the ‘Fx market’, ‘Currency market’, ‘Foreign exchange currency market’ or ‘Foreign currency market’, and it is the largest and most liquid market in the world with an average daily turnover of $ trillion.

Traders also have the option of trading in the forex market with binary options. Binary options can be expensive when compared to leverage aided forex spot trading but they allow for the maximum potential loss to limited. This is the major advantage with binary options because risk is minimized due to the capping of loss. As the name suggests, binary options always have two outcomes they settle at one of the two predetermined values which are generally $655 and $5 respectively. This value is determined by the asset on with the binary option is based. If the asset settles above the strike price the pay-out will be $655 otherwise it will be $5. Example:

Forex trading carries a substantial risk and may not be suitable for everyone. If using leverage, you can lose more than your initial deposit.

Various important announcements such as relating to wars, politics of a country or news relating directly to the currency can change and influence the value of currencies depending on the impact of the decision on public or the nation as a whole and the related currency pairing. With keeping updated constantly and following the right sources for analysis and economic calendars you can make early and beneficiary decisions as early as possible for best gain.

It is recommended that novice traders should first learn the basics using a demo account and then move on to a no deposit bonus account to start trading without any risk.

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