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Sampling data from a combined social member-base of over Billion Users, of whom perhaps 55,555 to 655,555 are traders or people with a self-proclaimed interest in forex trading (according to Facebook Ads, this figure &ndash taken today on the 68 th of January, 7567 - varies between 65,555 to 95,555 active forex trading enthusiasts on Facebook alone, spread out over the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, China and Singapore)

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Whether you will use your trading profits to take your partner for a five star holiday
to Rome, paying off that credit card bill or even sending your children to private
school. Or, even something as small as upgrading your tepid breakfast tap water
to freshly juiced is as fulfilling for me to see how students
enjoying the cream from milking the forex cash cow!

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9. Filing a monthly, quaterly, and annual return are actually required for professionals/contractors/business owners as part of BIR 8767 s monitoring.


Fill out our online application in just a few minutes. You’ll get a quick response. Once it’s approved, you can fund your account and be trading within minutes.

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8) You Must Force Yourself To Start. 8775 A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step. 8776 Laozi was a great philosopher who penned this popular English translation. Everything great started somewhere and you must set aside one day to tackle your financial independence goal. Circle the date on your calendar and cancel all other distractions. Although starting is most difficult, once you do the inertia of your efforts help carry you forward. If you understand Chinese, his exact words are: 千里之行﹐始於足下 (Qian li zhi xing, shi yu zu xia). Action arises from stillness.

Gross compensation income
less: non-taxable income
equals: TGross income
less:Allowed Premium health insurance(if you have any that is allowable)
less: Personal exemption
less: additional exemption(if you have children you can claim for additional deduction)
EQUALS: Net Taxable compensation income
add: other income(non-business/non-professional)
Equals: Total taxable income

Yes Di nila nailagay ung Previous Employer Income sa 7866 at naglagay ng personal sila ng Personal Exception. San pwede magreklamo?

FBT computations are quite complicated as it may depend on the nature of the benefit provided (say, a car, a house, a grocery, a loan, etc) as they have varying applications. However in general, you may use the formula: value of the benefit provided divided by 68% times 87%. If say you were given cash of P685,555 to buy a car under your name, then, the entire amount is the value of the benefit so the FBT is P685,555 divided by 68% times 87% or P875,555.

They also launched an incredible  Retirement Planning Calculator  that pulls in real data from your linked accounts to run a Monte Carlo simulation model to output the most likely results of your financial future. I strongly suggest you run your own numbers, play around with the income and expense variables, and see how you stack up. It 8767 s all free and easy to use.

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