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The first few chapters cover the basics of technical analysis and breakout patterns. Where it gets really interesting (for me) is when he talks about 8775 straddles 8776 .  This is a strategy whereby you can potentially make money no matter which direction the market moves, up or down.

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Four apps come with the algebra graphing calculator, including StudyCards, Science Tools, Vernier EasyData and Probability Simulation. You can download additional apps as well as software upgrades using the included TI connectivity cable, which is designed to be compatible with other TI models and your computer. The cable is a serial cable and not a USB one, though. TI Connect software also comes with a device so you can link it to your computer to transfer data.

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Hello Alessio,
I been following your blog and its really helpful. Just want to know that i don 8767 t have the knowledge of technical analysis which books are recommended by you for learning technical analysis other than above or is it that above list is OK to start in advance.

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Few people understand the currency market as the author of this book. As the head strategist at one of the world 8767 s leading Forex brokers, Mr. Laïdi offers the reader his analysis of the forces behind currency prices as well as their interplay with interest rates, equities, and commodities. There is no better source to help you understand:

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People learn their comparative advantages through wages. This drives people into those jobs they are comparatively best at. If a skilled mathematician earns more as an engineer than as a teacher, he and everyone he trades with is better off when he practices engineering.

This Texas Instruments graph calculator doesn't come with a color display, but it does feature an LCD screen with split-screen capabilities for viewing two graphs side-by-side. There is only 665KB of ROM available, which is enough for up to 65 stored graphs.

Hi Alessio, thanks a lot for the recommendations, that was exactly I 8767 ve looking for. I was about to order the 8775 Inteligent Investor 8776 from Amazon, since it had the most recommendations, but I will go for one of these Do you know that one btw? Cheers!

While it doesn't offer a color display, the calculus graphing calculator does feature an LCD display and multi-colored buttons that make inputting and viewing information easy. It also has prior entry recall so you can retrace steps.

Guy Cohen does not seek to confuse the reader and he does an excellent job of clarifying what can be quite a complex topic. I definitely recommend it.

John Carter lucidly explains the psychological and tactical challenges that face a trader. What makes this book unique and enjoyable are three things: firstly that it contains several chapters on different high probability trading strategies secondly that each chapter gives numerous real examples of how the strategy actually works and thirdly and most importantly, precise entry and exit rules for each strategy including how to protect yourself against risk if you are wrong.

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