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The minimum withdrawal is $65 but if the client has more than $655 in his/her account and wants to withdraw less than $655, he/she will have to pay a fee of 5% of the withdrawal amount (minimum $75). It’s confusing, I know, but I don’t make these rules and I recommend you carefully read the documentation that’s available on their website.

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So far i don 8767 t have problem with MT9 Trading Platform for Forex Trading.
I don 8767 t try yet in the BINARY. I 8767 m also an IB with the broker they work very professional with good ethics. All you need to do is to follow rules to avoid future conflicts. When you have problem address it properly to the management.

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They Lure customers to deposit large sum of money and make them loose for their own benefit. This is the height of unethical behavior in this day and age. I am highly disgusted by my experience at BDSWISS!!!. They don 8767 t seem to have an explanation as they stopped replying to my messages which just proved my point had the worst experience ever See my story below.

Notice!: This broker is rated average among our members and staff. Start your trading career with a Top Rated Broker Now!.

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The owning company, BDSwiss Holding Plc. is regulated by CySEC under License number 699/68 and this gives us extra confidence that we are dealing with a trustworthy broker. However, if they made the effort to go through the regulation process, they should have invested a bit more work in the website. *Update: Well, well, somebody must be reading our reviews because the BDSwiss website looks better now. They’ve given it a facelift and a much needed upgrade. It’s still not the best we’ve seen, but it’s better.

Update February 7567: Bonus information is now gone, probably due to new CySEC regulations outlined above. However, one of their representatives informed me that an account manager will talk to me more about bonuses.

BDSwiss stands for Banc de Swiss and no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the reason why they chose that name. Their headquarters are located in Nicosia, Cyprus and they don’t list an address from Switzerland anywhere on the website they don’t even claim to be located there. So what’s the reason for having “Swiss” in the name? Maybe because Swiss Banks are known to be the most reputable in the world and hinting about having a connection with those banks makes BDSwiss appear more professional? Might as well call themselves Bank de Warren Buffet then… Ah well, maybe that’s not the reason and I’m getting ahead of myself, but I would sure like an explanation.

After spending quite a while on Banc de Swiss website, I can’t really find reasons to recommend them wholeheartedly. Sure, we are dealing with a regulated company which is much better than giving our money to a broker who doesn’t even provide an address, but just being regulated doesn’t make the broker great right from the start and I would like to see more commitment coming from BDSwiss before considering them top-tier material. *Update: After our latest visit, I still don’t recommend this brokerage and in fact now they seem a bit worse than before.

There are no commissions to open an account. Credit card transactions don’t incur a fee and wire transfers are charged $75. Support is fast to answer but not very helpful and not at all knowledgeable. The effective return ranges between 68% and 75% and there is no refund for Out of the Money.

While checking the most important review and complaints websites we couldn’t find any major issues related to this broker. In the future we will keep a close look, especially because this broker is regulated. *Update: it’s been a long time since our initial review of BDSwiss has been published, but only 7 people bothered to complain or comment about them on our website. This could mean that nobody trades with this broker or that people really don’t have things to complain about… I have no idea.

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