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Why? Because that’s where your big reward is. If you got in somewhere up here, and you got out somewhere down here, you’re making big money. Little risk, big reward. That’s where the big money is, that’s where the odds are too, that’s where better win loss ratio is and that’s where your better risk reward ratio is. If you took this that little divergence thing there, you are trading against that dominant energy. So your winners are small.

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The Simple Strategy can be traded on any intraday timeframe. Traders that I work with have shared decent results on 5 minute and 65 minute charts, but my preference isn’t a timeframe at all. Instead I use range bars.
The Simple Strategy is an easy strategy to understand and execute. Once you know the basics, consider adjustments depending on your trading personality and experience like scaling in and out, using trailing stops, and by using Pivot Points for support and resistance.

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[.] With dozens of indicators, hundreds of chart patterns, and thousands of combination 8767 s between the two, Read More [.]

It 8767 s a volatility trade based on the behavior of traders that is fairly darn predictable. So this is not one of those trades that’s based on, oh you know some ancient Phonecian, numerology or something that’s esoteric , or astrology or anything like that. This is based on very real behavior of traders, especially those at the exchanges and on the floor.

Now one of the keys here is that you can actually use momentum, define the end of the move if you time it correctly. And it doesn’t work 655% of the time, well nothing does. But the only time that I would look for a trend reversal is late in a trend. I’m not going to look for it early in the trend.

Now that we have our entry rules down, we need to know when to get out of a trade. Our Simple Strategy uses volatility-based exits by keeping track of the Average Daily Range. Our goal is to accommodate different market conditions by using stop losses and profit targets that adjust to the ranges of the market we are trading.
The Average Daily Range (ADR) is simple to calculate. To calculate ADR on your own, find the average range (difference between session high and session low) over the last 7 days (total range for 7 days divided by 7).

Price movement alternates between cyclical and trending phases. Unlike a moving average, Better Sine Wave measures both these cycles and trends. It plots cycle entry points when the market is in a trading range. Then when the market breaks into a trend move, the indicator signals early entry and holds a position right to the end of the trend.

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