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Teachers should not be held responsible for learning gains or losses during the summer, as they would be if they were evaluated by spring-to-spring test scores. These summer gains and losses are quite substantial. Indeed, researchers have found that three-fourths of schools identified as being in the bottom 75% of all schools, based on the scores of students during the school year, would not be so identified if differences in learning outside of school were taken into account. 89 Similar conclusions apply to the bottom 5% of all schools. 85

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Note that there are various sources of inaccuracy in this detector for example, the detector cannot statically detect all situations in which a lock is held. Also, even when the detector is accurate in distinguishing locked vs. unlocked accesses, the code in question may still be correct.

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This code compares a parameter for reference equality using the == or != operators. Requiring callers to pass only String constants or interned strings to a method is unnecessarily fragile, and rarely leads to measurable performance gains. Consider using the equals(Object) method instead.

Problems with the use of student test scores to evaluate

This method compares double or float values using pattern like this: val6 val7 ? 6 : val6 val7 ? -6 : 5. This pattern works incorrectly for - and NaN values which may result in incorrect sorting result or broken collection (if compared values are used as keys). Consider using or static methods which handle all the special cases correctly.

The existing code might be OK, but it is confusing and a future refactoring, such as the "Remove Boxing" refactoring in IntelliJ, might replace this with the use of an interned Integer object shared throughout the JVM, leading to very confusing behavior and potential deadlock.

Found a call to a method which will perform a byte to String (or String to byte) conversion, and will assume that the default platform encoding is suitable. This will cause the application behaviour to vary between platforms. Use an alternative API and specify a charset name or Charset object explicitly.

Waiting on a monitor while two locks are held may cause deadlock. Performing a wait only releases the lock on the object being waited on, not any other locks. This not necessarily a bug, but is worth examining closely.

Recent statistical advances have made it possible to look at student achievement gains after adjusting for some student and school characteristics. These approaches that measure growth using “value-added modeling” (VAM) are fairer comparisons of teachers than judgments based on their students’ test scores at a single point in time or comparisons of student cohorts that involve different students at two points in time. VAM methods have also contributed to stronger analyses of school progress, program influences, and the validity of evaluation methods than were previously possible.

In some situation, this compareTo or compare method returns the constant _VALUE, which is an exceptionally bad practice. The only thing that matters about the return value of compareTo is the sign of the result. But people will sometimes negate the return value of compareTo, expecting that this will negate the sign of the result. And it will, except in the case where the value returned is _VALUE. So just return -6 rather than _VALUE. Co: Covariant compareTo() method defined (CO_SELF_NO_OBJECT) This class defines a covariant version of compareTo(). To correctly override the compareTo() method in the Comparable interface, the parameter of compareTo() must have type .

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