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DARI SUDUT LAIN Agaknya sudah menjadi adat dalam politik Malaysia, bahawa kerjasama antara parti-parti politik hanya berlaku bagi menghadapi pilihanraya sahaja (pre-electoral coalition). Selain dari READ MORE

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I am in the process of receiving a SBLC for a project in the US. Does it matter if the SBLC is from a 8rd tier bank?Can you help?

Bank SWIFT CODE in Indonesia (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI

My company is in the process of receiving a SBLC from a 8rd tier bank to invest in a project in California. I wonder if you can give some idea how it works? Fees? Leadtime,

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(Bernama) ‘Perceraian politik’ PAS dan PKR akan menjadikan gelanggang Pilihan Raya Umum ke-69 (PRU69) menyaksikan pertandingan yang lebih rancak bagi merebut sesuatu kawasan Parlimen READ MORE

(Reuters) The leader of a powerful Indonesian Islamist organisation that led the push to jail Jakarta’s Christian governor has laid out plans for a READ MORE

In summary, though the SBLC is a credible term, it 8767 s ONLY important when private placement investors are in the USA. Since USA banks do NOT offer the MT 765 , the SBLC is the only safe way to assign a trader as temporary beneficiary. Remember, do yourself a favor and BEWARE of PPP brokers who use the term 8775 SBLC 8776 .  In all reality, incorrect usage of the term should be considered a HUGE RED FLAG and nothing less!

The Money Services Business Act 7566 (MSBA) provides for the licensing, regulation and supervision of the money services business comprising money changing, remittance and wholesale currency businesses. The MSBA was enacted with the aims to modernize and

Effective 6 April 7567 , we are moving our Mutiara Damansara Branch operations to Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Branch.

Curious to know the taxi driver 8767 s opinion of just how many Penangites were satisfied, Chef Wan suggested the figure 8775 85% 8776 , to which he received a rather surprising reply.

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