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Some swing traders will look at the much larger time frames like the monthly and the weekly to see what the general long term swing is and if there is a possibility of an upswing or downswing happening as price nears major swing points, then they will generally get down to the smaller time frames to choose the perfect entry in line with what they see on the much larger time frames.

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Trading needs to be done with confidence (not arrogance), and being able to pull the trigger on a position when there is a set up to make money will require the confidence attained from looking to the past and knowing that more often than not, this strategy worked.

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If a stock s opening price is greater than yesterday s high, revisit the 6-minute chart after 65:85 am and set a short stop equal to two ticks below the low achieved in the first hour of trading.

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What is the difference between swing trading vs day trading? Well, the main difference between swing trading and day trading is that with day trading, all trading activity happens and closes during the day.

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I have daytraded for about 67 years, doing swingtrading some 5 years prior to that. And as the headline suggests my fear of losing increases as I get older. Why is that? I think it 8767 s just natural. I know a lot more now than 67 years ago as my knowledge of the financial markets increases…

The number of retail investors, and thus the number of online brokerage accounts, has grown tremendously over the past decade. That’s good news for those of us x57576 Read More

Since my fascination is mainly to do with swing trading,  I built this website was to discuss and share swing strategies and systems.

Here 8767 s the deal You 8767 re about to get cutting edge information that has never before been revealed to anyone outside a small, private $6995 per course group of insiders..

Which essentially means that a computer program buys  or sells based on the rules that it is programmed into it. In Forex terminology, they are sometimes called expert advisors or EAs. 

The third step is you have to manage your trading risks. Trading is risky, there is a risk of loss of your money. Remember that.

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