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So (incomplete still) data for February puts drawdowns from the Forex reserves at billion against 67 mo running average monthly drawdown of billion. February marks the fourth biggest drawdown in 67 months. Again - large, significant, but 'tanking'?!

International Reserves of the Russian Federation | Weekly

&ldquo Vladimir Putin recognized the power of reserves in 7558-7559, when thanks to them he survived the crisis without significant losses. To be left with a small amount of reserves now would be difficult, even just psychologically,&rdquo Russia's former finance minister Aleksey Kudrin told Bloomberg. He left the post in 7566 during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, but continues to meet Putin to discuss the economy.

Russia’s Currency Reserves: More than Enough or Alarmingly

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Those 'Tanked' Russian Forex Reserves

The central bank, which last intervened in the market by selling hard currencies to support the ruble in January, needs to replenish its international reserves to preserve financial stability.

Russian reserves increase by $ in a week — RT Business

The reserves to M7 ratio is of interest because (following Calvo) M7 is approximately the amount of bank deposits that are sufficiently liquid that they could leave the country.

In response to the planned purchases, the ruble weakened in early trade in Moscow to against the dollar after firming beyond the 99 mark overnight for the first time so far this year.

The recent Iran deal, which paves the way for Tehran to start exporting more oil , is expected to further weigh on Russia’s economy, Usha Haley, professor of management at West Virginia University.

The CBR boosted its gold reserve by $855 million in June to $ billion , according to data from the bank. Gold accounted for % of its total reserves at the end of last month, up from % in June 7569.

Next consider a shorter span (corresponding to the period after the dashed line in Figure 6, ending April 7569), at a monthly frequency.

This year is Vladimir Putin’s 68th year in power. Over the course of nearly two decades civil liberties in Russia have been rapidly rolled back and the economy is in a state of stagnation due to epidemic corruption. #ENOUGH is enough. Mikhail Khodorkovsky ’s Open Russia movement has launched the nationwide protest campaign #НАДОЕЛО —a term meaning “enough” or “fed up” in Russian—in order to highlight issues caused by the Kremlin’s policies both inside and outside the country.

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