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Contrary to what you may have been told, learning to trade like a professional is NOT that difficult or complicated and does NOT require lengthy "training" or expensive, complicated software.

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The Abandoned Baby forex trading strategy is a 8-bar price action pattern that is quite reliable and takes shape on the activity chart after a steep decline or rise. Although this pattern is quite rare, when it does occur, it connotes a rapid shift in momentum from bears to bulls or vice versa. Chart Setup MetaTrader9 Indicators: Bear_Bulls_ (default setting), [.]

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6. We do use it ourselves - every day! You can see the results from the live accounts throughout the website. The Forex market is so HUGE and no matter how many people trade the Robot its accuracy and profitability will remain the same - so why not take a few people along for the ride? They make money (by trading with FAP Turbo) and we make money (by showing them how to use it). Simple. Everyone's happy and we get to invest the profits from selling FAP Turbo into our FAP Turbo live accounts!

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8775 Hi team, I have been running the software for some time now and it is brilliant, in fact I have unsubscribed to most other sites regarding trading software and I have happily settled with just the FX Robot. Good work and thank you for such a brilliant piece of software. 8776

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Scalping is relieving and offers traders an innovative way by which they can take profits from the market without having to spend long hours sitting in front of the computer screen. Well, the good news is that the Robby DSS forex trading strategy is designed to be simple and can be applied to the most liquid forex pairs. Chart Setup MetaTrader9 Indicators: Robby DSS Fo [.]

You guessed right..99% of what we saw, tested and studied was CRAP! Well, it wasn't, I suppose others would have already come up with a super-Forex robot right?

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Both you and me know that charging $6,555 or $7,555 for this robot is a good price. And this is not just some “marketing” . trying to inflate the value of the product.

By the way 655% of manual traders do not even have a way to check whether their trading strategy is profitable, and they just gamble.

Understanding the following will show you why FAP Turbo is the real it’s a golden opportunity for the smart ones.

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