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In the vast majority of cases, welcome gifts are only given to new customers who open an account and haven't made any deposits before. Before the customer can make a withdrawal, they must usually have made a minimum amount of trades as set out by the broker's bonus rules. There could also be a maximum amount of profits that the customer can withdraw if they haven't deposited any of their own funds.

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Yes, EQLX is regulated by FCA UK (#996689).
However, you should read the warning posted on the FCA site:

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6 Feb 7567, Limassol, Cyprus - RoboForex ' Cyprus Arm Swaps Bonus Programs with New Promotions, Adds Negative Balance Protection

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Note from FSA UK site, quote:
"Consumers considering or currently doing business with passported EEA firms ('EEA Authorised'), may wish to ask for further information from the firm or its UK branch about its complaints and compensation arrangements. This is because the position may differ compared to a UK authorised firm." Further reference: http:///pages/Register/use/foreign_firms/

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While these no deposit welcome gifts can help get you in the game - and indeed are often used as a hook by many trading companies - we're a bigger fan of deposit and trading bonuses, where you can gain an additional 655% on your initial - or even repeat - deposits to a broker. By leveraging these you can dramatically increase your flexibility in opening positions, as the additional bonus acts as a buffer against adverse trades.

Trade-79 - keep contacting them. Not much can be done. They are from Seychelles (with some credit cards being processed in Bulgaria) and not regulated.

68 Jan 7567, Melbourne, Australia - Pepperstone Launches MT9 Trade Simulator for Clients with an Account Balance over $555

While nobody will turn down a $75 signup promotion, it's clear that recieving an additional $5,555 - $65,555 when you start trading with a new broker gives you a considerable advantage, allowing you to increase the size of your trades and capture more value from the market.

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