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You, I 8767 d wager, are not judging 8775 feminism 8776 by the history of that body of ideas, or examining the (horrible) things feminism has achieved that instead you 8767 re adopting a charitable ad hoc definition — which, conveniently enough, allows you to adopt the socially acceptable position of saying that you 8767 re a feminist. After all, you wouldn 8767 t want to get fired from your job or something for being anti-feminist. Best to keep one 8767 s head down. After all, this is the Age of Social Justice.

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Edit: I appreciate that you think I should be allowed to speak. At some point you may also want to consider the possibility that I 8767 m just plain right…

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(Also, I 8767 m instinctively inclined to see Multiheaded 8767 s attack on you as less problematic than your reply, due to perceived social alliances and a general sense that Multiheaded is one of the 8766 good guys 8767 my gut-level assumptions say that his attack was inappropriate and unexpected, while yours was beyond the pale but completely in-character. So again you have a lot more to lose than he does by engaging in that, and you guarantee that you lose it by doubling down.)

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If someone announces themselves to be a Dark Arts practitioner, you better not engage them in a territory where they would have a natural advantage: where they can carry a shield of rationalist lingo in one hand, and a mindkilling flamethrower in the other. Resist the bait. Don 8767 t try to 8775 win 8776 an internet debate. Instead, win.

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The gif itself is from the movie, Citizen Kane. Kane, self-made millionaire and aspiring politician, has an affair with Susan. The affair is discovered by both his wife and his rival. This breaks his political career and his marriage. Kane marries Susan, and forces her into becoming an opera singer however, she turns out to have no talent for it at all. At the end of the show, infuriated Kane claps nevertheless, and rest of the guests are compelled to follow suit.

Also, hi! I like your magazine! Today somebody told me that I needed to see a psychiatrist for being against feminism, and I was going to link him to your article on people who say that, but I decided on second thought that would just make the problem worse.

This response has gone on far too long already but I 8767 ll address the David Simon quote briefly. Re-read it but this time separate what he 8767 s actually observing from what he 8767 s projecting. He observes things like pride and happiness and projects motives of staving off nihilism because he sees the outcome in advance and he considers it a failure. What makes you think the objects of his pity see the world the same way and are trying and failing to live like David Simon? I 8767 ll leave you with a quote here:

I’d note that liberalism is hard to undo on social programs, also. No matter how much it doesn’t work, once money goes to a source, it is very hard to get rid of, be it agricultural subsidies or Indian casinos or about anything else.

You are correct that there are cases in particular, cases where you 8767 re liable to get caught that favor truth-telling and intellectual honesty. I 8767 m just making the modest claim that there are also cases that favor deception and cheating.

Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler. It began 8775 Dear friend that I address you as a friend is no formality. I own no foes. 8776 It goes on to say some nice things about him and talk about how much Gandhi enjoyed meeting their mutual acquaintance Mussolini. Then it suggests, very politely, with reasoned arguments, that Hitler not start World War II. It ends: 8775 I am your sincere friend, . Gandhi 8776 .

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