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In my weekly forex analysis, I 8767 ll be sharing my analysis on not just the forex market, i do cover the analysis for stock index and commodities at times too. To me it 8767 s pretty simple, they are all vehicles for us to make money.

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This theory takes LPT and drives it one step further away from PET by stating interest rate contracts across the term structure are not substitutable. The dynamics creating the interest rate equilibrium for each maturity term are born of independent factors, and as such, the PET is invalid. An investor deciding to purchase a bond, whether public or private, does not regard the short-term/long-term paradigm merely as a matter of convenience, but as a fundamental factor influencing investment strategy, liquidity needs, and of course supply and demand.

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Most production reports that lead to GDP are released before the official GDP number. Therefore, actual GDP figures usually confirm expectations. However, an unexpected release can move markets due to the significance of the figure.

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Once you finish all your courses and you already feel like you're the next forex trading superstar, Forex Ninja , our resident spy and one of the master traders, will keep you on your toes and remind you of the dangers of the forex jungle.

Forex analysis includes knowing the basic forex technical analysis strategies – it also includes being able to read and translate forex charts, forex signals and forex forecasts. By having a deeper understanding of forex trading through forex analysis, you can ensure that you would have more gains than losses.

The forex trading analysis videos that i put out every week covers what can we expect for the week and how can we trade in line with it. By having a guideline of the different forex pairs to trade, we can then take impulse and emotions away from trading and limit it to the minimum.

This is where i 8767 ll upload my personal weekly Price Action forex trading analysis | forex trading strategies & Forex Trading System behind the scenes. You can use it as a reference for your trading plan. Every week, if there 8767 s a solid forex trade setup or pairs worth taking note, I 8767 ll will discuss it here.

The figure represents changes in the combined producer and import price index, calculated from changes in producer prices and import prices, giving appropriate weight to the proportion of domestic and imported goods.

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