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Thank you sir it saved my i want the exact working afl code for nifty chart of http:///livecharts

Supertrend Multitimeframe Dashboard Amibroker AFL code

Dear Rajesh and Karthik
I hope you don 8767 t mind my ignorance as I am totally new to this sort of analysis. It has been a commendable effort from Zerodha team to come with such an effort for novices like us.
Could you please explain in detail the perspective in the last reply of yours I am not sure I got you.
Thanks in advance.

THE only Pattern @ Forex Factory

Great article exept the off-line mode on MT9 seems not to be working. The price on the daily and 9h moves while the price on the new 8h chart stood still at the same price.

MT4 expert (FX_Multi-Meter_) | Forex Indicators Guide

Here is a simple range identifier Amibroker AFL code which helps you to spot and visualize out higher return event days and high volatile intraday range days to study how a specific stock/index reacted to the particular event/news outcome.

Trade As If You Had $1,000,000 - Act like A 'Baller

Stochastic readings above 85 suggest market being overbought, Stoch line turns green
while readings below 75 - market being oversold, Stoch line turns red.

Yet another building block of successful financial trading!
God will continue to inspire you the more.

Yes, when writing this post New York charts were not the popular thing like they seem to be now. Brokers like FXCM did not have them or hardly any brokers at all, compared to now like the majority.

I trade intraday in Nifty. I have to pick only 5 points with 55 qty. Because I want to make 75-85 trades daily so I can get huge profit by end of day.
Kindly tell me these parameters :
6. Periodicity, interval & days in chart
7. EMA Crossover Slow & Fast interval
8. How to draw a moving average line on the volume bars
9. Which indicators should I use? ( MACD, RSI, BB )

66,7 is idea on without brokerage. Due to too many trade with that parameter most of the profits generated are eaten by brokerage. And so 7,8

Harish this is a tricky problem. Why don 8767 t you try having a short term moving average to trail your stoploss?. This should help you lock in your profits as the stock moves in your favor.

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