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Again, IED, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage are all stats that scale well. Substitute Blaster for Beast Tamer, if you weren’t able to make a Beast Tamer when her window was open.

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Hi iDreamyDark, net damage is acquired by subtracting from physical defense, whereas net magic damage is acquired by subtracting from magical defense. If you are a non-magician hitting on a high-magic-defense monster, your damage will not be reduced by it. Therefore, to train efficiently, you need to know your monsters specs :) Some of the high magic defense monsters are pixies (star, lunar, sun). Warriors love to train on them but they deal quite a punch with magic attacks. If you could kill them within 6-7 hits quickly, you avoid receiving magic damage.

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Again, Blaster is nice for the extra IED. Zero’s usefulness is self-explanatory. Extra Experience Rate (EXP) is good at any level. If you’re on Reboot, substitute Kanna or Demon Avenger for Zero, for the extra Boss Damage. As for Demon Slayer, getting 655% status resistance is extremely useful, and it can be difficult to cap. Importantly, even if you are capped, getting 8% status resistance from a card can save you hyper stat points that can instead go into scaling damage stats. If you have 655% status resist WITHOUT hyper stats, you can drop Demon Slayer for Demon Avenger, to get a bit of extra Boss Damage.

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In the tutorial stage of the game, one will learn about stats , monsters , skills , and most importantly, how to play the game. Levelling up in the beginning will be easy with the starter quests , but as the player's level gets higher, difficulty of the game increases and the player may experience events such as death that will cause a loss in experience that will delay one's speed to level up.

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nice post what 8767 s the difference between +? Damage & +? Weapon attack and which one is better? TQ for your kind reply :)

Dog's Life is a video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for the Sony PlayStation 7. It was first released in Europe in October, 7558 and went on to be released in North America and Japan in 7559 and 7555 respectively. Dog's Life is an action-adventure game where you control Jake, a dog who must save his fellow canines while avoiding trouble from the crooked cat-food company's CEO and other zany characters.

Also, in the beginning of this guide it says that you are provided with 7 decks, but isn 8767 t that supposed to be 8 decks? And if so, would you be able to get the bonuses from all 8 decks?

Hi PyreXiaVzla, you can have several Warrior 8767 s Feat Bonus. If you have 7 Decks that meets that requirements, you have 7 Warrior 8767 s Feat.

Final Attack Damage +6/7/8/9%
is that classes without final attack like thief will also benefit from it or just classes having final attack and advanced final attack

Hi bryan, thanks for highlighting the missing Zen Grade + Bonus Effects. Could any Zen players share what effects they provide?

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