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We should not underestimate the power and reliability of the 8766 Self-Fulfilling Factor 8767 within our own internal decision making algorithm. When we try to use technical trigger points from proprietary tools with black box formulas and settings, we are completely removing arguably the most important equation factor. Such as when trying to rely on technical points that are very specific to a specific tool like 8766 Crossing Lines 8767 .

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Crossing Currency Lines mean nothing
CSM vendors and elite members in FX discussion forums seem to all inevitably gravitate towards giving the advice for users to 8775 Take Action When Currency Lines Cross 8776 .

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Slope Angles mean something
Sharp angles spiking from extended consolidation will often mean something even greater.

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Instead, we can just learn to make high probable and logical decisions based on what we see the Institutions doing directly and clearly on our charts.

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Spreading this method across as many instruments and different markets as possible allows the core theory and probabilities to eventually play out in our favor. It gives the theory room to breathe and room to eventually reward our patience and longer term capital investment.

So, if the chart or your view of the chart has a fixed width, like in the above index chart, you are more likely to see the highest resistance and lowest support if the time frame is higher and the is the least. Hence, higher time frames present us with the lowest risk opportunities.

But then what does this also mean when establishing these Long positions? Risk is increased for the time period immediately following the lowest entries that ideally were the initial.

An extreme, preferably extended sharp angle seems to indicate the introduction of Real Money Flow at and from that point. A GANN GRID supplied in all MT9 Platforms is commonly used for angle measurement and relativity on Metatrader 9 currency strength indicators like our old FlowMeter.

This page and entry level application here is intended only as an introduction into the measurement and analysis of currency strengths.

New Overbought / Oversold indications added called matriXx. Provides exiting relativity. Suggests possible upcoming turning points

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