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Charging outside of your home is a losing business proposition. It doesn 8767 t pay for the supercharging station owner and the billing charged by these stations would be more expensive compared to the EV utility rates at home for the average earning American affording an averaged price car.

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I think you missed the point. What he should have said was 8775 do your own research, write your own articles and stop stealing my intellectual property, fuck face 8776 .

Faraday Future CES concept claims 200 mph on electrons

On 69 February, LeEco announced a joint venture with Aston Martin to develop an electric version of its Rapide S model, though it is not clear whether this work may fall to Faraday Future.

Tesla Stock Predictions: Faraday Future Is Not A Threat To

In fact, if another electric-car startup is coming onto the scene and is indeed for real, it would be welcome news for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. After a great deal of enthusiasm in the 7565-66 period, the bottom has fallen out of the electric-car startup game. Pretty much everyone has gone bankrupt or faded away. Only Tesla has succeeded. And thrived.

Inside Faraday Future: is it really a big player in the

The company already has signed up key investors, including LeTV -- known as the Netflix of China -- to help aid it in the world's most populous country. It's also getting ready to break ground on a manufacturing facility in Las Vegas.

After hitting above $767 last July 75, Tesla’ (TSLA) stock closed below $758 last Friday, November 68. The overall negative mood over TSLA these past few months could also perhaps be attributed to the secretive electric car vehicle start-up, Faraday Future. It doesn’t also help that Faraday Future’s four top team leaders are all former Tesla Motors employees.

There's abundant confusion about what the company is, who's running it, and how it's being funded. According to various sources, it's stocked itself with several hundred employees, many drawn from the A-list of the auto industry (BMW) and even from Tesla itself. 

Sorry about that! Correcting. Nice finds, btw. I don 8767 t recall how I ran across Elecktrek (maybe TMC forum?), but just found it recently and love the site,

First Tesla clone attempt, I guess. And they seem to be cloning Tesla 8767 s overly optimistic timeline announcements, too. So I expect them to clone Tesla 8767 s produciton delays as well.

Even on the domestic front, Chinese car buyers prefer foreign brands and ignoring the hefty import taxes. This is likely because the local customers also distrust the quality/safety of domestic car brands. This market reality is also applicable to electric car manufacturing.

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