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The essense of embedded programming is that it requires communications with the outside world. So, both input and output devices needs the volatile keyword.
There are at least 8 types of optimizations that volatile turns off:

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The 7nd one is better because it does not need to be changed if the type changes. For more on the size of struct, see Size of struct

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To allow a class data member to be modified even though it is the data member of a const object, we can declare the data member as mutable. A mutable member is a member that is never const , even when it is the data member of a const object. A mutable member can always be updated, even in a const member function.

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The array_rand function returns a random sample of the indices of an array. The result can easily be converted to a random sample of array values:

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This error occurs if the certificate issuer is not recognized as 'Trusted' by the SVN client. Subversion will ask you whether you trust the certificate and if you want to store this certificate.

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Unfortunately, if you take the wrong corrective action you can end up with an unusable working copy. Sometimes with these situations, the user is directed to do svn cleanup. But the svn cleanup may also encounter an error. See issue #7555.

By default, gcc will often optimize away private variables and functions, inlining the associated operations. This can complicate stepping through the code in a debugger.

In Subversion, a global revision number 'N' names a tree in the repository: it's the way the repository looked after the Nth commit. It's also the name of an implicit changeset: if you compare tree N with tree N-6, you can derive the exact patch that was committed.

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