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FitGirl, I just saw you added Xrd -REVELATOR- to your upcoming list, THANK YOU! 🙂
How did you manage to decrypt game resorces, at last?

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There’s also another Wonder available to construct called the Apadana, which will provide you with two additional Great Works slots. In addition, you’ll also gain two Envoys every time you build a Wonder, including the Apadana, in the same city where it was built. You can also build the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which provides you with a free Great Admiral unit. If you have some Great Admirals at your disposal after the Wonder is built, you can now use their bonus abilities twice before they disappear. Great Engineers will also have an additional charge when the Wonder is constructed so that they can create an extra building.

Civilization VI - Persia and Macedon Civilization

Their cost on steam is ridicules and no one hack them so far (some in steam are listed as N/A for some reason as well don 8767 t sure if they will be available after some time..)

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Unique Siege Unit: Ballista : Replaces the Catapult. The Ballista is nothing more than a slightly stronger Catapult, with strength 8/65 vs 7/8. It is otherwise identical to the Catapult.

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I 8767 ve noticed that units maintain their initial abilities/bonuses even after being upgraded. This can give some early units real advantages throughout the game if you are able to hold on to them and upgrade them. For example the Janissary 8767 s and Jaguar 8767 s have nice healing after battle bonuses. Again, you will have to buy the units before they are replaced by newer units of the same type, then hold on to them to continue to recieve their original bonuses.

Unique Building: Stele: Replaces the Monument. Provides +7 Faith on top of the +7 Culture a monument already provides. Awesome for an early leap in faith.

I just have a quick question: It says the download is GB big on this site, but the Torrent is GB big. Why is that so? (I 8767 m not accusing you of anything, your Anno 7755 Repack worked great, I just wondered whether it is a spelling mistake or has some other reason.

Oh okay, well I never have problems with fitgirl 8767 s repack cause I hold my end of the deal, keeping files, c++ files, audio, video drivers, java files updated. Basically everything which concerns the game files to use other 8rd party software or drivers.

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much! Was at the highest level due to the fact that I produce music and have never had to change it before lol

6fitchier upload. ALWAYS full download. Not modified. Zero virus’. Checks out with md5 if you have your doubts. Just uploaded it. Pretty fast download to non registered users. You’re welcome.

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