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The “exam-style” of making consolidated financial statements is good and easy when there are just a few issues or complications.

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Hi Silvia, first of, would like to commend you for such an excellent website you have. I 8767 ve found it extremely resourcesful and your explanations are enjoyable!

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How many times have people said to me (when I get 55% or more off my initial grocery til bill), 8775 How do you do it? I just can 8767 t find the time. You don 8767 t really save all that much with 75 cents off here and there anyway. 8776 UMMMM YES YOU DO. You just have to do it correctly. As far as finding time, I do it during television time. It 8767 s not like you need your entire concentration to match up sales and coupons!

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Hi Rahul,
the accounting technique is the same as for any other business combination with control, however here, you would have a really large non-controlling interest. S.

You are right. Some people should be glad to have so much to complain about.
Congratulations on the new jobs for you and your hubby. Happy new year!

In reality, companies use their own format for presenting their financial position and therefore it can be difficult to combine. That’s exactly WHY so many groups use their “ consolidation packages ” and subsidiaries’ accountants must fill them up along with preparing own financial statements.

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I know this is an old old thread but One TON (tonne) of diapers per child over it 8767 s lifetime into the landfill. Math is not my strong point but just knowing that I would be contributing one tonne of waste to the planet is more than enough reason not to do it. Why? There 8767 s so many other options out there. 6 ton of waste, 555 years per diaper to degrade times millions of children. So disgusting.

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