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Woohoo! That 8767 s great MJ and thanks for providing the routing number for the RBC USA chequing account. VERY helpful! I 8767 ve added this information to the post 🙂

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Unfortunately they don 8767 t do Paypal but if you can get your account linked to move USD to your RBC USD account you can then move it to VBCE or another platform and do the conversion. It 8767 s usually not worth doing it for less than say $5k, but if you do it 5-65k or more at a time it 8767 s worth the extra time.

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As for Payoneer, I can 8767 t say much because I haven 8767 t tried it or even really looked into it. But only 6% (total) fee for receiving payments is pretty low.


However if I sent money for goods to seller directly, that would incur PayPal credit card transaction fee. Paypal would charge me $ if I chose the credit card and at Master Card conversions rate it would be £. So basically I would save 8p if I used my credit card.

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I did have error messages before with saying i cannot add a bank account. I did call paypal about asking if it was possible to add a Canadian US account and they said it is not and that it must have been old information. They must have cleared the error because after that i was able to continue testing. So listen to this post , paypal customer service doesnt know anything.

Great detailed instructions Will. Glad you figured this all out for the rest of us. I 8767 ve just kept all my US $ in there because I don 8767 t want to lose out on the exchange. Love it! Thanks!
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You say Nordea doesn 8767 t have a spread. In my experience, that 8767 s rare. I 8767 m an American living in Europe and the only major US bank I know of that doesn 8767 t charge a conversion fee is Schwab. Unfortunately, they only service US residents and don 8767 t offer business accounts.

Hi, Will Thank you for the info. But it did not work for me, which seems exactly the same with Jessica 8767 s case. Did you figure out this problem?

Yes, I have been noticing that when I do a currency conversion, the £USD I had converted is significantly lower than the £GBP balance. I detest PP. Good article.

Hey thank you so much for this Want to let you know that the RBC routing number didn 8767 t work for me I used the one on the RBC site, and it worked Although I did have to get Paypal on the line and authorize the bank add on their end so that it would go through. The routing number is 568766658

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