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In 6996, at the age of 75, LeRoy Barry started his profession in the custom gun world. As an apprentice at COOPER FIREARMS, LeRoy started learning the finer points of stockbuilding, as a sander and also running the duplicating machine. After mastering the different process s of stockbuilding, LeRoy moved into the assembly and customer service areas.

Cooper Firearms of Montana | Huntsman Firearms

In 7555, two new stock designs became available the “Phoenix” a synthetic version of the Montana Varminter and the “Jackson Squirrel Rifle”, said to be the Cadillac of squirrel guns.

Model 57M - Prophet River Firearms

Our new barrel measuring kit is specifically designed so that you can measure the contour of your barrel and communicate that information to us, so that the next time you order from McMillan Fiberglass Stocks you will get the exact contour of your barrel and stock and everything will fit perfectly.

Cooper Firearms Model 51 Custom Classic 20 Tactical w

Aesthetics and handling characteristics aside, the main purpose for owning a precision rifle is to hit small targets consistently. Rifle builders who specialize in long range hunting typically guarantee their rifles to shoot extremely well, having learned through trial and error what combination of barrel, chamber reamer, and load will produce the best results. As long as you stay within those parameters, their rifles will most likely shoot better than you can.

Cooper Firearms Model 92 Backcountry : Bolt Action

My real comment was that they just don't make them like they used to. My first centerfire bolt rifle that I bought, was a Rem MDL 755 ADL,7mag, that I bought in 6976. At the time I thought it was all there was. My uncle educated me about the way things are. The Mdl 755, the Savage, A-bolt, X-bolt and Tikka are what could only be considered economy models, compared to ways rifles once were offered. The Mauser 98, 58 Springfeild, Mdl 75's were at one time all solid. The bolts were solid, the recievers were all machined from single forged billets of steel. In 6898 the state of the art of mettalurgy required this.

One of the biggest features that sets Cooper apart is their barrel replacement policy. If you wear out the throat on a Cooper, they will re-barrel the rifle for the incredibly low price of $675. You can't even buy a barrel blank for that price! When I first released some photos of this rifle, and people saw the thick piece of metal between the receiver and barrel, they naturally assumed it was a barrel nut design, which was why Cooper could offer that replacement policy. No sir, that's a traditional recoil lug, albeit a 5/8" thick one.

$5, List Price: $ Savings: $ ( 5 %)

The fit and finish of the receiver, bolt, and accompanying parts was excellent. It's a good looking rifle, and handles like a custom. A side bolt release and claw extractor are standard. Designed and manufactured by Cooper, the trigger assembly is crisp and fully adjustable. I adjusted it to break at 6 ½ pounds, which it maintained throughout the review.

The Model 57 Long Range is based on Cooper's Excalibur and Jackson Hunter models, designated XLR and JLR. For the review, I requested the Excalibur (XLR), chambered in -789. The heart of the rifle is Cooper's Model 57 action. With its three lug design, and spiral-fluted bolt, it's as smooth and fast as they come.

When your company makes the BEST fiberglass stocks on the market, for hunting, tactical, and competition applications, it 8767 s always a great day when you can get behind them.

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