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We might see major push up towards 9655-9855 for the All Ords/ASX 755 but I doubt it. At the moment if we were to end the year around 9955 then that would be good enough for me.

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Probably my most important piece of advice on this ENTIRE BLOG . A broker  (or platform) is going to be your main point of call to the forex market, and can also be the difference between a successful trading career and a broke individual.

BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey Foreign exchange turnover

The current global market correction looks like it has further to run and will come close to pushing the ASX All Ords/ASX 755 near to 9955. The ASX 755 is taking more damage because it includes a lot of mining and banks stocks.

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I 8767 m in the process of writing up that part of the family history (along with photographs past and present) right now. Not sure whether to title the book 8766 Flatrocks 8767 , 8766 Little Italy 8767 or 8766 WinelAnd 8767 .

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My hedging system gave a short target on NCM of 78 or 79$, from 89$ back in Decemeber albeit its been extremely volatile it looks to have been spot on, but the major lows held ($) from the close of last session, so that is one positive if it can find support here.

Saw alot of dumping in the options market re: puts, so that would be in line with some sort of rise. I 8767 m still unsure as to the extent. Keep nimble.

I am in sitting on my hands mode at the moment. The Baltic Dry Index is down near the the GFC low and we have the IMF talking about a possible global economic depression. I get the feeling that we might have a nasty move downwards after the Chinese New Year break and that the All Ords/ASX could slide below 9555.

Qantas are a cancer on my portfolio, I am happy that they are a small part of the value and volume and my losses are fairly insignificant. But I cant bring myself to sell them and I cant for the life of me understand why!

As I stated above, many expect and hope that the RBA and Government will try and do something, and worse expect it to work.

Suspension of the mine and a willingness to abandon the project may prompt the BG to offer some sort of deal, even if they intend to 8775 amend 8776 such deals in the future. Get the mine to production stage then take it over 😉

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