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September 69, 7566 at 66:96
johnny says:
Thanks Willy…Much appreciated….That point towards 8785/95 if Im not mistaken???
Nice screen, like it a lot!
Did you have any of the indis Ive passed installed yet???
TC Willy Really appreciate your in between updates…

Bullish and Bearish Flags. - Forex Lebanon: Analysis, News

i 8767 m not trying to scare the bulls here, but i 8767 m just more bearish than bullish sharing my view and try to explain why i see it this way.

Trading Stocks Chart Patterns: Bear Flag

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Flag patterns - Bullish and Bearish - Accendo Markets

Support and Resistance rules are of a great importance too. If you see the price hitting a level, and then bouncing contrary to the trend, then the trend might be getting exhausted. On the other hand, if you see the price breaking a level with increasing momentum, then this might mean that the trend is gaining strength.

Analyzing Chart Patterns: Flags And Pennants - Investopedia

Now that we have discussed some of the characteristics of the Bull and Bear Flag, I now want to shift the attention to creating a concrete trading strategy around this setup. Next, we will develop some rules and guidelines for effectively trading with the Flag pattern.

The Flag pattern consists of two parts – a flag pole and a flag. Let’s take a closer look at each of these two components:

Flags and Pennants are short-term continuation patterns that mark a small consolidation before the previous move resumes. These patterns are usually preceded by a sharp advance or decline with heavy volume , and mark a mid-point of the move.

Flags are useful continuation patterns that mark a brief pause in a trend. The patterns appear in both bearish and bullish forms. Slightly more difficult to trade than triangular patterns, they usually require some caution when entering the trading position. To improve profitability we always average into the position and make use of support/resistance barriers.

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