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3Bars Strategy – Brings Profits to Binary Options Traders

I would be grateful if you can take a look at MT9 and help me to find the equivalent indicator and parameters. I have tried many ways in vain.

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60-second Binary Options Strategy using MACD

I have been trying to figure out how the you set the short to 9 and the long to 75 on what ever is the exponential moving average is that the blue one or the white can not find any thing that says exponential moving average any where on free stock a newbe. I was fine up until the line( Now go and left click on MACD in the box and click on edit. Now change the short to 9 and the long to 75 and you are all set). I have a head ache trying to figure this out.
I am sorry but that confused me.

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This is a really simple binary options indicator that can be used to trade a lot of binary options products. The rules are very simple: Buy a call option when the indicator changes color from red to blue, buy a put option when the indicator changes color from blue to red. The indicator can be used to trade up/down, 65 seconds, speed options, long term, one touch, pairs, kikk [.]

Hey Antonioni,
In MT9 go to the Navigator window and click MACD under indicators. The grey custom indicator box opens. Click on the Inputs tab. Highlight the value box next to Fast EMA Period and change it to 9. Then Highlight the value box next to Slow EMA Period and change it to 75. Then Highlight the value box next to Signal SMA Period and change it to 8. The Fast EMA shows up as bars instead of a line but whenever the little bars poke above the Slow EMA line it is a bullish signal and whenever the Slow EMA line crosses above the little bars it is a bearish signal same as the two lines in the Free Stock Charts. Hope this helps. This is a very helpful indicator. I think it may even help with the Novice 65 minute strategy. Will try it tomorrow. Thanks for posting this article.

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Will test it tomorow so if the chart is 5min then the expiry should be 85min or 6 hour so 6 candles for 85min and 67candles for 6 hour.

This strategy combines two indicators, with the help of a single native indicator, the 5-day simple moving average. This is actually a modified moving average strategy as the middle band of the advanced-bollinger- indicator is also a moving average, albeit a slower moving average than the 5SMA. Chart Setup MetaTrader9 Indicators: 5SMA, (set to 6,65,6) [.]

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