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That is one of the most complicated issues in German income tax law regarding capital income. You have to analyse it for every Investment. Without an expirienced tax consultant you will not find a solution.

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You might expect that your taxable stock option benefit could be offset by your $695,555 loss on the sale of your shares. Not so. The loss is considered to be a capital loss, whereas the taxable income was considered to be employment income. Capital losses can be applied against capital gains, but not generally other types of income. The result? You’ll face tax on the stock options with no immediate relief from the loss.

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I have not checked the German/UK treaty. However, it seems possible that you may have to pay taxes in Germany an can credit the UK taxes against the German tax. If the German tax is higher than you may have to pay the difference in Germany.

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We need far more information to provide you with a professional statement. In regard to you wife there are various questions:
Is she working in Italy or in Germany only?
Is she working in Italy and Germany?
If so, is she working for more than 688 days in Germany?

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I would like to know if I have to declare rental income in Germany on a UK property when my farther is also on the English mortgage however I filled the NRL6I forms.
I am not sure if I should tell them here in Germany or not ?

This is a disqualifying disposition (sale) because you sold the stock less than two years after the offering (grant) date and less than a year after the exercise date.

I cannot say why you do not have to pay Federal Tax (probably because of provisions of the Double Taxation Convention DTC).

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