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Now let’s get realistic. Nothing works all the time. So I always love to show examples that don’t work on the tick index indicator. You know a lot of courses and things people just show you all the perfect textbook examples and everything looks great and then you go to trade it, and it ends like, hey why didn’t this work? Well that’s because nothing works all the time. In trading, we are not trading certainties, we are trading probabilities. So therefore you always have to have money management or risk management involved. Because nothing works all the time.

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While some of the courses I’d bought had some of the answers, no single course had ALL the answers . So I taught myself to trade, and you’re the beneficiary! Trading is my passion, and in the beginning I did not intend to share my system well maybe with a few friends.  Since I caved and made it available to the public I have students in more than 85 countries.

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So, traders – good traders professional traders get in before things are confirmed, before things are obvious. Well, by the time this occurs, everybody sees it and therefore, the amateurs are getting in and it’s too late – you are too late to the party. You want to get in before things are confirmed and then you manage your money and risk, in case it doesn’t work out, and that’s professional trading.

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Trading down - ( -% ) at . Chart is showing some near term rallying power. However, this market remains in the confines of a longer-term Downtrend with tight money management stops.

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And one last point that I, one last point that I mention about the Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern. For these to work out, what you want to see a shift of momentum. In other words, momentum can be stronger down here. I’d actually like to see momentum shift here where it’s maybe a little divergent but then for here and this right shoulder. I definitely want to see very little momentum going down.

The Futures Trading Secrets Course is a series of video tutorials, plus a 755 page manual at the Futures Trading Secrets website, that shows you everything you need to know to trade with actual trade signals explained in real time and with signal-by-signal analysis!

By far, this is the best trading system performance I've ever seen. The system nets about $855 per trade and trades last only 68 days on average. Detailed performance can be seen by selecting Paradigm Shift from the navigation bar.

Now back in the days of yore, I was always taught that that’s a reversal situation because it 8767 s so extreme. And unfortunately then I actually started trading and I found out that wasn’t really so true. It is extreme. And sometimes the market will reverse off of that but again it 8767 s really got to do with the dominant direction of the market. The market is in a dominant direction down. So it goes down, retraces a little bit. Goes down again. What’s happened, what happened there? Well it goes back and hits a negative 6555 again. And then it almost does it the 8 rd time.

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