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Designed to complement modern decor, the EDGE is available in three stylish colors: black, white and silver. The 6 gallon aquarium is offered in all three colors, and the 67 gallon is offered in black and white. The striking design and contemporary wrap around stand will create a talking point in your home for years to come.

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Furthermore, the fish often are not fully grown when first brought home. The adorable little catfish that is scarcely an inch long today could reach a half foot in size when it grows up.

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Okay, so I just got a 65 gallon fish tank. I really like the Cory catfish so I was thinking of getting two of those because I read the like to live with other catfish and two was the minimum number. I was also thinking of getting some 5 or 6 neons. Would it also be a good idea to get a mystery snail to clean up some of the mess? Are their any flaws in my plan?

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Starting at around the 67 gallon range (some even smaller!), these systems are extremely versatile. Intermediate systems generally feature upgraded lighting and filtration to accommodate a wider variety of inhabitants. Thanks to these enhancements, these systems are well suited as a small, freshwater community setup, planted aquarium, a saltwater aquarium or even a miniature reef aquarium. They are moderately priced, and offer a wide range of possibilities.

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The stocking results apply to the full, adult size of the fish. Most fish when purchased are juvenile and much smaller than their full-grown size. For example, a Red Tail Shark may be two inches in the pet store, but may become five inches within a year! Be certain to research how big your fish will grow, and use that full-grown value to calculate how many inches of fish your tank will support.

Bottom dwelling fish lend interest to the lower levels of the tank, and often help turn over the substrate. You will note that most of them have mouths that point downward, making it easy for them to scour the tank bottom for morsels of food. However, do not fall into the commonly help myth that bottom dwellers do not have to be fed. All too often bottom dwelling fish are under-fed. They cannot subsist only on leftovers from the other fish.

You can also clear the doubt with the online dealers who supply these aquariums. They will recommend you what are the added things to be bought alongwith the aquarium. Always use gloves while you are dealing with the insides of the aquarium. If you are not happy with the product, the online stores promise you 655% money back guarantee too! so rush now and buy the best aquarium!

Thank you very much. I am a new fish owner do you have any recommendations for some fish I should get that will get along with neons and a snail?

I have two cory cats just make sure the ones you pick stay small like two to three inches. My two seem to get along fine, also with shrimp I would say don't get shrimp and snails as I have near they don't quite get along where the shrimp eats the snail I also seen at the fish store what looked like a large snail eating a shrimp. They also tola me snails tend to dit a lot or could potentially get very big.

Often regarded as starter aquarium kits, these systems are suited for beginner hobbyists. They are a great way to introduce or new hobbyists to the fascinating world of aquariums. Generally under 65 gallons, these starter aquarium kits typically include an internal or hang-on power filter and an incandescent or mini-compact fluorescent lighting system. These budget-friendly kits are designed primarily for a freshwater, fish-only setup but can also be used by more experienced hobbyists to create miniature biotopes.

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