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I'll try that and see what they say. I hadn't thought about using my own bank, thought it would be more specialist. Thanks for the advice.

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This Must Be the reason for Commsecs recent Security update last sunday. The update was that browsers can't automatically save user ID's and PW's to the commsec site.

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I do this with Westpac, but there is a limit to amount you can buy given we now have T+7 settlement.
They did have good deal with their linked Cash Investment Account but recently Westpac have screwed up the things by switching from a flat % interest to a tiered interest scheme.
- It's made me think about shopping around for a new online broker unfortunately.

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Since Charles Schwab is one of the oldest and most respected brokers out there, your investing adventures don’t have to be limited to penny stocks either.

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After changes to investing regulations in 6975 allowed brokers to be more flexible with fees, Schwab offered much lower fees than its peers and helped to create the discount broker marketplace that exists today by putting its customers first.

Low Minimum Account Balance : Typically, penny stock investors are seeking out these low-priced securities because they don’t have a ton of ready capital they’re willing to risk on them. That means it’s necessary for a good penny stock broker to have a low initial account minimum. But thanks to the very volatile nature of these aggressive investments, it’s not uncommon for penny stock traders to see their initial nest egg shrink in a hurry — so it’s important those low minimum requirements persist beyond sign-up, just in case a trade goes wrong (because at least one or two probably will). I don’t think anyone with less than $6,555 should be investing in individual stocks of any kind, frankly, so I used that as a reasonable minimum threshold.

I'd be grateful for some help, please. I have a few "mom & pop" shares, bought at UK privatizations, and they are more trouble than they're worth, keeping a UK bank account open etc.. for about ­£55 a year in dividends. Trying to find the easiest way to sell them, which won't cost too much. I'm not looking at going into trading or anything, just want to get rid of these shares.

You can finally eliminate the fear of making costly ‘fat-finger’ and ‘brain-glitch’ mistakes and errors that cost you money.

Whatever your strategy, don’t let the allure of big profits fool you into just investing on a whim. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the wrong side of one of these scams, with fraudsters making millions, and you losing all of your money.

Put options give the holder the right to sell a specified number of shares of stock at the strike price, until the contract expires.

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