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A small niche player may be tolerated if it captures only a small share of the market. If that share increases, a larger, more capable competitor may decide to enter the niche.

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We know that continuous integration –the practice of automatically building and testing code incrementally throughout the day–is essential for maintaining quality. Now it's time to meet continuous delivery (CD). CD is the practice of releasing work to customers frequently–even daily or hourly. Kanban and CD beautifully complement each other because both techniques focus on the just-in-time (and one-at-a-time) delivery of value.

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Kanban and scrum share some of the same concepts but have very different approaches. They should not be confused with one another.

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A poison pill is a tactic utilized by companies to prevent or discourage hostile takeovers. A company targeted for a takeover uses a poison pill strategy to make shares of the companys stock look unattractive or less desirable to the acquiring firm.

Kanban is a popular framework used by software teams practicing agile software development. It is enormously prominent among today's agile software teams, but the kanban methodology of work dates back more than 55 years.

In the café, contextual feeds for her life and work keep Kat current and focused, drawing across apps to bring the right things to her attention at the right time.

Some teams blend the ideals of kanban and scrum into scrumban. They take fixed length sprints and roles from scrum and the focus on work in progress limits and cycle time from kanban. For teams just starting out with agile, however, we strongly recommend choosing one methodology or the other and running with it for a while. You can always get fancy later on.

Challenges arise when an ETF holds securities trading in a different time zone, because NAV is based on the last price when the exchange closes.

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