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6st = , 7nd= 8rd= i found 75% trade closed with 6st trade, 78% trade closed with 7nd trade, only very rare closed with 8rd trade.

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This makes it virtually impossible to verify live results, so how do we make sure they are real? It is actually not that difficult, here are the steps you take :

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Wow I woke up today worried that JPY mess was going to have some major losses, but to my surprise Flex went long almost perfectly at the bottom of this crash after the JPY news. Turned a nice little profit with no DD, unreal entry.

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A redesigned graphical interface is now integrated to display important information on the chart in a simple and clean way to track information from different charts in one place.

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Sir, I don 8767 t know how to say thank you for the profit you make on my account this month. Let me know when you accept the profit share so we can start trading for the next trade soon. Thank you.

Can with trade two strategy on the same MT9 platform/ account.
and what are the two best combination?
Thank you.

This EA really does work and believe me i have used many EA 8767 s that have crashed and burned. I have reduced the default trading risk on mine to using the default settings, it trades fine using the default however when we see MAJOR shifts in currency prices then the EA can take you into major draw down. The reduction allows me to feel more comfortable when this happens, otherwise by the 5th trade you are into Lot size. With the reduction trade 5 is only ( my account size is 65k) -HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE

Can anyone help me with choosing a broker for this EA?
Also what time frame is most effective?
any possible modifications?

I don 8767 t think Flex has to worry as much about brokers starting to fight it 8767 s success like the old days of Asian scalpers. But I get the sentiment of wanting to keep something that makes you money private 😉

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