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Second, I think it 8767 s a real stretch to say there are 8775 many retail traders 8776 trading $6mln lots, and certainly they aren 8767 t doing so at $7mln/second. Not that it matters if you 8767 re correct about 99% of retail volume not reaching the interbank market. I 8767 m not entirely sure that 8767 s 99% is the case because of the way many brokers do a pass through to/from liquidity providers, which are basically interbank dealers, but I do agree that retail has a relatively small impact on exchange rates overall.

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Also note that, RBI can 8767 t do policy changes on its own even if it start to think forex trading is illegal one fine day.

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I TRADE FOREX LEGALLY SITTING IN INDIA. open a shelf company in mauritius for 8oo dollars which can be done with few phone calls and a internet connection. then you can ask the consultant for an offshore bank account linked to your shelf company. now you can transfer funds from indian bank accounts to your offshore bank account and the other way round. The best part is, in mauritius you dont have to pay taxes ,all you have to do is show your a alien and india you dont have to worry about taxes because u never earned the income in this country. but you have to disclose your company and your offshore account details to avoid legal issues

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8. A much larger sum will require other ways like use of your relative 8767 s debit card in India to withdraw money etc. Possible? How often?

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JOHANNESBURG - The Competition Commission says it has reached a settlement with Citibank in connection with an international forex trading cartel.

Rcently RBI has given a policy of Liberalised fudning -- upto lk per annum. Can we trade in forex currency, If so who is best broker in India for the same. Please help in this regard -- send your details to my id
I have checked in the internet it is showing trading in foreign currency is illegal as far as RBI FEMA rules. Please let me know

Thanks for the reply,
What i know about paypal is that rbi has put some limit on it for nowdays ask for documentation and all.
I want to know what is ur view about provide a gud amount for trasaction as a 95 day limit.
Can we transact large amount into our bank acccounts ??( i tried with a very small amount and it was done).
Can we tell to the IT guys that is freelance income?
if yes do we have to produce any documentation to show about the freelance income?

beware of companies saying they have a application in progress. they are lying! because FSA does not allow anyone to offer thier services if they are not regulated.

Already RBI had came with an announcement recently here to block credit cards and Bank accounts more info here RBI takes strict measure on Illegal Forex and CFD trading

Hi Rajendran
I 8767 m based & working in Muscat Oman under status of NRI since last 9 yrs,can I open a forex trading account with a company based at please advise me whether I can send the initial money of 655 $ through my Bank Muscat account in Omani Riyal to $.It will be legal or not?

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