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And guys, the local politicians would also love to hear from you, election is around the corner and some may want to look like super heroes, you may also want to approach them.

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It just like other MLM company, starting is all rumors stated and claimed it is scam and stuff like that. Even it happen to many MLM like Amway?

UK public sector hit by temporary workers’ walkout over

So CSI wannabe scumbag I see you are back again with your foolish mindgames. Well keep it coming. Oh and that link: / looks so legitimate everyone would believe it. Keep trying. Meanwhile heres something to humor you:

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You guys saved me! I 8767 m 95% convinced to deposit $65k to MIB in Manila. Good thing I patiently read comments in here.

Top three most successful Forex traders ever

8. Shah if you claim that you have attended the previous dinner, you would of known that they were partners in lmax until the recent split. Many fxunited members have also visited lmax office

imran :
Play with your money first and see if it is a scam or not. The burden of proof fall heavily on the accuser.

Basically this insidious scheme is trying to recruit new members to place their monies for at least 68 months instead of the usual 67 months tenure in order to pay the older investors who parked their monies in the older and soon to be made redundant CGAT system.

We ve not coming up with any solid conclusion on what strategy that klfxu should follow. Most of the time we discuss about current issues. Btw i could see everyone still have strong energy and still want to move forward with Fxu aggressively.

Go and ask the big shot Australian lawyer who was championing this scam and now totally off the radar guess he finally came to his senses

Refer to the below statement, it is a total lie and if you guys have time go to FXU IB 8767 s facebook and see the bombarding they are getting form the victims. Therefore, this announcement is made simply to cheat and lie and BUY MORE TIME TO BRING IN FRESH INJECTION OF MONEY FROM NEW INVESTORS AND DO THE NECESSAY ADJUSTMENT TO PAY THE OLD INVESTORS.

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