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In truth, the people who are complaining on here just don 8767 t know how to trade properly. Why are you selling yourselves short and taking these losses? Of course the market is going to go down. If you actually followed it while trading, you can easily ensure that you make gains in the end. Buy low and sell high. It 8767 s that simple. Obviously there will be some fluctuation in the market, but have a little patience for crying out loud, and stop thinking the market it a get-rich-quick scheme.

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You can add and remove signal providers at any time, using the live performance tables, filters, user reviews and comparison tool to hone your portfolio.

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Theres more to explain. As i say, its too complex to lay it all out in short..forex looks winnable but the danger of it

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So the way i look at it, if two traders open different orders on the eurusd,which way is the market maker going to go. Bear in mind that u cant be ryt both ways. Do your due dilligence and stop whining when u lose cos everyone cant place the same orders and lose at the same instance. Just my two cents.

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Hi Paul, that 8767 s some serious money changing hands. I had a similar 8775 spike 8776 issue with IG Markets, I started running 8-9 broker platforms against each other just to compare charts some aren 8767 t even close.

you can open as many demo accounts as you wish since there are so many companies to open them with
why would anybody open a live account and lose money without first being successful with the demo account
if you are not winning with the demo account what makes you think that you will win with a live account
and if market maker and brokers make you lose in your live account
why then
they don 8767 t let you win in your demo account to lure you in
trading has a lot to learn, 6) you have to master the trading platform you are using, 7) you have to be well informed of the currencies you are trading
8) finding an honest broker is no easy task

Winning % is not the determining factor in profit?? Don 8767 t tell me you work for the Obama Administration, right? Up is down debt is good higher taxes mean greater revenue some day, cars will run on farts. Don 8767 t quit your day job. I hope it has nothing to do with finance. And if it does, let 8767 s hope nobody listens.

ZuluTrade allows you to subscribe to third party signal providers and automatically executes their trade signals in your AvaTrade account without any further intervention on your part.

[foul language removed] The NFA stats state that 8775 % of retail forex traders lose their money. 8776 And that the average loss is somewhere around 8775 $66,555 USD. 8776 You and your lies will burn in Hell. Remember this.

First of all, not all forex brokers are market makers. Some are ECN s. They simply pass your orders through into the market like a stock market broker does. Since they don 8767 t act as market makers and take no positions, they do not earn the spread. They make their money from commissions instead.

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