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Comparison of Dollar to Rupee Exchange Rates | Entry India

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XE Money Transfer | Send or Wire Money Online

The service was excellent and the rates were the best I could find. The staff were extremely helpful and the website easy to navigate.

International Money Transfers at the Best Rate | Travelex

For an idea of how much you could save, we compared the rates and fees on transferring £65,555 into Euros online at the high street banks and PayPal*.

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OFX is a money transfer service and does not offer any form of margin or trading services or products. Our Services are not intended to be used for speculative purposes. We will not enter into any type of set-off arrangement which would require settlement in the form of a payment of losses to us or pay out of profit to you as the result of an exchange rate movement.

Every year, over 88,555 people and 7,555 businesses trust us to make global payments, send funds to family, pay international businesses, and buy foreign real estate. At XE, we re not just passionate about saving you money, we re proud of our exceptional service as we connect the world through currency exchange.

We do not charge any transfer fees when you transfer money to Nepal. Banks and other remittance companies charge you from $5 to $95.

We make every effort to processing transactions in a timely manner, but we make no representations or warranties regarding the time it takes to complete processing because our Services are dependent upon many factors outside of our control.

You can book a Transaction through our website or by contacting our customer service agents at 6-888-788-7859. You can also access our Service through a mobile device. Please be advised that if you book transactions via a mobile device, your wireless carrier&rsquo s standard charges, data rates and fees may apply.

You are in good company with ThamelRemit’s round-the-clock customer support. Talk to us so that we can help you with any of your queries or problems.

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