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For some, they might even time it so well, that they applied for a second BTO, and was able to fully pay off the second BTO with the gains from the first BTO. The biggest benefit is that they do not need to service the mortgage long and have a good flat to live in. Do note that if you sell off a subsidized flat and then buy another subsidized flat, you need to pay a levy. However, if you time it well, your gains might be more than this levy.

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A portion of Singaporeans got a jolt these few weeks when National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said that not all the old HDB flats are eligible for Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers).

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Note that % returns are the average of what happens when stocks are purchased in the top 75% of valuations. That forward return number goes down considerably if we are in the top 65% or top 5%, which is where we are today. The following chart, from Ed Easterling, shows what 75-year returns look like based on starting P/E ratios. Using average P/E ratios rather than the median, we are looking at an average annual return over 75 years of less than 8% from where we are today. Again, not what investors are expecting.

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In the conversion table, it illustrate that depending on the current amount of lease left, what is the corresponding value versus if it is freehold. That goes into the mathematics of how much the developer or owner needs to top up.

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Ben Graham said many decades ago that, " Investment is most intelligent when it is most businesslike ". Quite so. The fund managers, analysts, prop traders and hedge fund mathletes of Wall Street are taking things very seriously and so should you.

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In the professional world, one of the key concepts is diversification. Harry Markowitz is a Nobel prize winning economist and one of his major discoveries was that adding new asset classes can dramatically alter the overall risk profile of a portfolio. His finding was that a portfolio that contained very low risk assets would normally benefit from lower volatility and higher returns if a higher risk asset was added. This is due to the likely lack of correlation between high and low risk asset classes.

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