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65. The CBN shall introduce non-deliverable over-the-counter (OTC) Naira-settled Futures, with daily rates on the CBN-approved FMDQ Trading and Reporting System.

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A They are dealers, employed by banks to buy and sell currencies as part of their day-to-day business. Most are probably interbank dealers, who trade with other banks. In a big bank each interbank dealer will specialise in a specific trade, such as sterling against the German mark, or the dollar against sterling.

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7. The 96 items classified as “Not Valid for Foreign Exchange” as detailed in a previous CBN Circular shall remain inadmissible in the Nigerian FX market

A Foreign currency trading has become especially active since the 6975s. Before then, technology was less advanced, many countries had exchange controls and governments were able to fix rates. Since then there have been many upheavals in the markets - too many to list. This one has caught our attention because it is particularly intense, and because it has hit sterling at a time when the Government set great store by the pound's value.

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A Like a company trying to make itself more attractive to shareholders by raising its dividends, a country can raise its interest rates to increase the appeal of its currency. Higher interest rates increase the amount of money investors can earn by depositing money in a given country. For instance, when interest rates were 65 per cent in Britain from 6989 to 6995, this attracted overseas investment. When that happens, overseas investors convert whatever currency they hold to pounds to deposit in Britain or buy British bonds. That helps the pound to rise.

A Dealers decide to sell a cur rency when they believe the only direction it can go is down. Two weeks ago most people in the currency markets held the view that sterling should fall - because of the weak economy, because other currencies were more attractive and, bluntly, because they did not believe that the Government, or its European partners, had the will or means to bolster the pound successfully.

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