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Sedco Forex Offshore to merge with Transocean - Oil & Gas

Three of the largest mergers in the company's history occurred in the 7555s. The company's ultra-deepwater and harsh environment floaters also made their mark with a string of world records.

Our History | About Transocean

Transocean traces its roots to onshore drilling operations, where . "Stoney" Stoneman began his career as a draftsman and then a landman before joining the Danciger Oil & Refining Company of Fort Worth, Texas in 6976.

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Ultra-deepwater, harsh-environment, deepwater, midwater floaters and high-specification jackups. Whatever your job demands, we are ready to respond and deliver, with the right assets, anywhere in the world.

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Today's Transocean is the modern descendant of the world's most innovative and successful deepwater drilling companies, and the pioneering people who made them great.

While Danciger's . Stoneman, shown in the photo above, continued his successful land career in the United States, Raymond Godet, an engineer who would later be a leader in another legacy company, Forex, was busy in France. Mr. Godet bought a German drilling rig in Paris and hooked it up to a boiler from a steam engine, enabling the rig to drill land wells at Saint Marcet.

During the current decade, Transocean has continued to set world deepwater drilling records while upgrading our high-specification fleet.

Innovative drilling technology during this period led to new operations in offshore frontier areas, while mergers and acquisitions integrated some of the most experienced offshore drilling teams in the business.

In a market that demands more than ever from a drilling company, Transocean is raising the standard for what delivery to the customer means. On efficiency. On performance. On safety.

Experience a professional work environment that encourages collaboration, where a committed team can exceed expectations.

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