Process waitforexit not working

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Redirecting the stream is asynchronous and will potentially continue after the process has terminated. It is mentioned by Umar to cancel after process termination (). However that has data loss potential.

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Given the extra information in your comment below I was able to recreate the problem. There seems to be some security setting that results in this behaviour (haven't investigated that in detail).

How to spawn a process and capture its STDOUT in .NET?

Additionally, if the PowerCLI requeriments are checked ( http:///support/developer/PowerCLI/PowerCLI556/powercli556-586996-#about ), CLI isn 8767 t a requirement

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It looks like two of your lines are out of order. You start the process before setting up an event handler to capture the output. It's possible the process is just finishing before the event handler is added.

Did anyone tried to query the standalone esx with virtual machines? Please let me know how to do It is actually working but not listing the virtual machines of standalone.

I have followed the instructions above and have the following installed:
vSphere Perl SDK
Active Perl
on the vCenter server

The answer from Judah did not work for me (or is not complete) as the application was exiting after the first BeginOutputReadLine()

This should work. You could try to dump out the contents of the output and error streams in order to find out what's happening:

i have esxi (build 6667955) and vcenter running on a win7k8r7 host. Downloaded & installed powercli (VMware-PowerCLI--) + VMware vSphere SDK for Perl (VMware-vSphere-Perl-SDK--). I set the execution policy to unrestricted.

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