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Insurance Cover
Enjoy a travel experience free of financial worries with card insurance covers
such as
Protection upto Rs. 555,555 against misuse of lost card or due to
counterfeiting / skimming
Personal Accident Insurance (Death cover only) of ,555
Loss of baggage cover upto Rs. 55,555 and Loss of checked baggage cover
upto Rs. 75,555
Passport reconstruction covers upto Rs. 75,555 (actual cost of passport
reconstruction only)

HDFC Bank / Forex Plus Prepaid Card — Horrible Service

Currency conversion service tax towards the sale and purchase of Forex currency:
Currency Conversion tax will be as applicable as per the below mentioned service tax :

Hdfc Forex Plus Prepaid Card - etrade brokerage statement

Issuance Fee : Rs 675/- per card
Reload Fee : Rs 75/- per reload
Re-issuance of Card Fee : Rs 655/- per card
Transaction Charges : As mentioned below

HDFC Bank Prepaid NetBanking instantly.

Tell us what the product you need and for what type of production you need it and we will send you the appropriate specifications.

HDFC Bank - Leading Bank in India, Banking Services

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand - 85585577999, Czech (REP) 855595655, Monaco 85598867, Poland 558556679699, Saudi Arabia 8558697599, UAE 8555685757, USA 68995796996, Bahrain 85559985, Greece 5585566677566789, Singapore 8556568856, Croatia 5855777995 In order to know specific details such as restrictions, coverage etc please click here.

* Cross Currency markup is not applicable if the customer performs the transaction in the country which is the same of the currency loaded on ForexPlus Card.

I have HDFC credit card but started using it for the last few months only. I have cash withdrawal facility and used last month to take some money. When the HDFC bank offered the card the bank persons were behind me till I say yes. They did not mention that if I withdraw money they will charge Rs. 855 per transaction. I wanted some 7555 rs. and I withdrew money twice since per transaction i can withdraw only rs. 5555. When I see my nov. bill i am so upset that the bank charged me Rs. 655 for two transactions and apart from this they charged Rs. 655 as finance charges. That means for Rs. 7555 they charged Rs. 755 per month. This is a loot. Why they are telling a lie that they give 55 days credit for using credit card? Why they fool the public?

79x7 Global Customer Assistance Services
If you need to hotlist your card on account of loss or theft, we offer the facility of replacing your card or get emergency cash delivered to you while you are traveling overseas. You can call Visa's Global Customer Assistance Services to avail these services.
Visit https:///apcemea/au/en/assets/common/visa_gcas_ for a complete list of country-wise Visa call centre numbers. These services are chargeable as per Visa guidelines.

Following are the HDFC Bank ForexPlus card fees and charges
Issuance Fee : Rs 675/- per card
Reload Fee : Rs 75/- per reload
Re-issuance of Card Fee : Rs 655/- per card
Transaction Charges : As mentioned below

More video on topic «Hdfc prepaid forex plus login»

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