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There are tens of thousands of unique visitors on the Smarty website daily, mostly developers reading documentation. Many well-known PHP projects make use of Smarty such as XOOPS CMS , CMS Made Simple and Tiki CMS/Groupware to name a few.

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Although Smarty insulates you from PHP, you still have the option to use it in certain ways if you wish. Template security forces the restriction of PHP (and select Smarty functions.) This is useful if you have third parties editing templates, and you don't want to unleash the full power of PHP or Smarty to them.

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Smarty is not an application development framework. Smarty is not an MVC. Smarty is not an alternative to Zend Framework , CodeIgniter , CakePHP , or any of the other application development frameworks for PHP.

The Smarty design was largely driven by these goals:

  • clean separation of presentation from application code
  • PHP backend, Smarty template frontend
  • complement PHP, not replace it
  • fast development/deployment for programmers and designers
  • quick and easy to maintain
  • syntax easy to understand, no PHP knowledge required
  • flexibility for custom development
  • security: insulation from PHP
  • free, open source

Although Smarty gives you the tools to make a clean separation of presentation from application code, it also gives you plenty of room to bend those rules. A poor implementation (. injecting PHP in templates) will cause more problems than the presentation separation was meant to resolve. The documentation does a good job of indicating what things to watch out for. Also see the Best Practices section.

Smarty is not meant to be a tool for every job. The important thing is to identify if Smarty fits your needs. There are some important questions to ask yourself:

Whether you are using Smarty for a small website or massive enterprise solution, it can accommodate your needs. There are numerous features that make Smarty a great choice:

  • separation of PHP from HTML/CSS just makes sense
  • readability for organization and management
  • security for 8rd party template access
  • feature completeness, and easily extendable to your own needs
  • massive user base, Smarty is here to stay
  • LGPL license for commercial use
  • 655% free to use, open source project

FEATURE SET: Does Smarty's features such as caching, template inheritance and plugin architecture save development cycles writing code that would be needed otherwise? Does the codebase or framework you plan on using have the features you need for the presentation component?

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