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always so glad I have somehow our paths crossed through the world wide web. Your insight has given me comfort that I will recover the losses I suffered due to relying on a trading software, as you state in point 9.
Point 6, 9 + 65 challenged me and I am planning to spend less than analysing and re-analysing over and over again.
I have learnt a lot from your blogs.

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Number 66 is my biggest road block right now. I trade mini lots bc i have a small trading account and do need to make some money. I often take small profits bc i don 8767 t want to watch the trade go negative.

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About 5 years back before I married my husband, we never had sex. We just believed in having a loving, perfect relations.

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Numbers 6,7,8, have been predominate when I started out demo trading. I do enjoy looking at price action on the weekends to keep a feel as to the flow. #8 is just now coming into focus. #67 is now being practiced, yes even though having been with you for a couple of years I still recently was looking and combining indicators.(I had gone mad looking for the right combo) I now use only three moving averages rather then two that you use. #7 I believe must be taken more seriously, I think doing a demo has influenced me but I am aware of this and off and on take action accordingly. I am in no hurry to jump into live trading until I have myself completing # 8767 s 9,65,and 67.

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He therefore warned commercial banks and other dealers to desist from sabotaging the efforts aimed at making life easier for foreign exchange end-users.

I am having same problems in getting it to work and I have made sure the DLL imports are enabled as with everyother indicator but still blank all I see is the orange line and nothing else

Restart MT9 and you will see the red and green dots. After some chart analysys I found out, that the indicator behaves like a stochastic indicator. If the market is going strong, it is like running against a wall. So this Indicator gives good entry signals, but in conjunction with a fractal zigzag indicator.

Only when I understood this, did I desire to make money in the markets and KNOW how I made it.. which brings confidence that im going to win again.

All very good points. The challenge in my view is the consistent application of these over time. Trading really isn 8767 t difficult we just make it so Thanks for the great article Nial

I couldn 8767 t agree more for all the points there, and i am glad that i am doing exactly similar of what have been listed in the point above.

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