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Sentiment and Market Psychology

But what if the . economy weakens and consumption slows due to increasing unemployment? Then the . is confronted with the possibility that foreigners may sell their bonds or stocks and return the cash from the sale in order to return to their local currency. Hence they sell the dollars and buy back their local currency.

AMEX Companies

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3Factors That Drive The . Dollar - Investopedia

The Bottom Line

It may be helpful for a trader to keep an eye on the Dollar Index chart to provide an overview of how the dollar fares against the other currencies in the index. By watching the patterns on the chart and listening to the sentiment in the market, as well as monitoring the major fundamental factors that affect supply and demand, a trader can develop a big picture sense of the flow of dollars and thus develop an insight to choose profitable positions in future trades.

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Factors Affecting Dollar Value

The point is that when it comes to taking a position in the dollar, the currency trader needs to assess the different factors that affect the value of the dollar to try to determine a direction or trend. The methodology can be divided into three groups as follows:

Technical Factors

As traders, we have to gauge whether the supply of dollars will be greater or less than the demand for dollars. To help us determine this, we need to pay attention to various news and event items, such as the release by the government of various statistics, such as payroll data , GDP data , and other market and economy measuring information that can help us to determine what is happening in the economy and to estimate whether the economy is strengthening or weakening. (For a comprehensive overview of 79 major indicators, take a look at our Economic Indicators Tutorial .)

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After you have opened an account, whether it be a demo or live account, you will need to download a special program to work on the Forex market a trading terminal. In the terminal you can keep track of market quotes, make trades by opening and closing positions and keep updated with financial news. You can choose from trading terminals for PC as well as for mobile devices: everything you need to make your work with Forex as convenient as possible.

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