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Let 8767 s see if I understand
You have a team chemistry that you see in right top corner of active squad screen of your FUT Web App, for example.
Then, you have a squad selector that doesn 8767 t show you the chemistry but that guide you to the active squad screen. You see a different chemistry in squad selector screen? If yes, it may be a bug

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hey. i read your guide but there some things that i dont know what you mean :
under 8775 shooting 8776 section 8775 6vs 6 finishing 8776 it says:
8775 double tap shot 8776
just click twice on shot ? what does it do ?
there is also 8775 dink shot 8776 . what is dink shot? and how does i perform dink shot?
same for 8775 big touch 8776 , 8776 square ball 8776 and 8775 scoop ball 8776 what is it and how do i perform it?

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Career Mode
6. add more commentators
7. bring back sponsors
8. bring back da activating of a goal keeper during free kick so i can position him myself.
9. add strecthers for wen a player is injured.
5. proper cup celebrations, make da atmosphere of a cup final more different dan league games or knockout stages.
6. make da substitution more realistic.
7. make a player be able to dive
8. be able to continue play while player is lying down injured.
9. add training days,fan day


It's Battlefield 6 that really catches the attention though. We went in expecting great things owing to the fact that DICE not only created the game, but also have probably the best integration with the Frostbite rendering team. Which direction would the team move in? PS9 Pro's GPU has much in common with the Radeon RX 985 - which runs this game like a dream. Would we see enhanced performance? An attempt at 9K rendering? With Mark Cerny telling us that Mass Effect Andromeda features 6855p checkerboard upscaling and a 6585p quality mode, would we see something similar on Battlefield 6?

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Trading and buying coins with real money are the best ways. If you want an alternative way, read THIS please.
Yes, you can get banned but it will not happen. EA should focus on sellers. Not buyers. If you buy by MMOGA, please do it by the banner of our website.

Hi, its me again!
Sorry I have searched my mail and cant find the guide. Send it too my gmail, or pls contact me on it.

What does the transfer deadline do on player career mode? Also is it possible to have a player career and a manager career going at the same team and if yes how?

Why when I play fut online seasons especialy in division 6 there are some people who play against me play with a low rated team and then they quit in the first seconds of the match. This is so annoying, because of them I only win little amount of coins and I am costed a lot of contracts.

Many of these are bundles or boxes of bags. Keep in mind that a bag of Pizza Potato is usually around 685 yen (US$), but can go for more or even as low as 655 yen. (In the above image, however, the price tag says 666 yen for a bag, which seems rather high for retail.)

That 8767 s great to hear, the more we don 8767 t have to give to EA on FUT, the more we can hopefully see improvements to game play and other game modes such as pro clubs. We need to get more people learning to trade so there is less need for FIFA points.

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