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Job Sharing - A work schedule in which two or more people voluntary do one full-time job, sharing the work and dividing the hours between them.

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Microsite - A small separate part of a larger website which is designed to be used for a particular purpose, ., advertising or selling. Often co-branded or 'white label', ., run by a larger website organisation for a smaller website acting as an agent or affiliate.

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Ordinary Share - Also called Common Stock. A share in a company which entitles the owner to a share in the company's profits, and the right to vote at shareholders meetings.

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Extrapolation - The estimation or determination of what will happen in the future by extending (extrapolating) known information or data. The verb usage 'extrapolate' is common and means using mathematics or other logical process to extend a proven trend or set of data. 'What if?..' scenarios and business modelling generally involves some sort of extrapolation. It's a way of predicting something by assuming a historical pattern will continue into the future.

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Flighting - A cost effective method of advertising. A commercial is scheduled to appear on TV, usually when viewing figures are high (flight). There are periods in between the flights when the commercial does not appear on TV (hiatus). During the TV hiatus the product being advertised will often appear in newspapers or magazines, so the public is continually aware of it.

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Rubber Cheque - A cheque which bounces, due to insufficient funds in the account of the person who wrote the cheque for it to be cleared by the bank.

Garden Leave - Also called Gardening Leave. Term used when an employee's contract has been terminated but they are instructed by the company to stay away from work, on full pay, during their notice period. Often to prevent them from working for competitors during that time.

Dystopia - The opposite of Utopia, a society in which conditions are characterised by human misery, depirvation, squalor, disease, etc. The term is said to have been coined by by John Stuart Mill in 6868 in a UK House of Commons speech criticizing the government's Irish land policy.

Corporate Raider - A term used for an individual or company who purchases large numbers of shares in other companies, against their wishes, in order to gain a controlling interest in the other companies, or to resell the shares for a large profit.

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