Average daily range of the major forex currency pairs

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LOW x7569 a center of pressure surrounded on all sides by higher pressure also called a cyclone. Cyclonic curvature is the curvature of isobars to the left when you stand with lower pressure to your left.

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Small temperature dew-point spread is essential for fog to form. Therefore, fog is prevalent in coastal areas where moisture is abundant. However, fog can occur anywhere. Abundant condensation nuclei enhance the formation of fog. Thus, fog is prevalent in industrial areas where byproducts of combustion provide a high concentration of these nuclei. Fog occurs most frequently in the colder months, but the season and frequency of occurrence vary from one area to another.

Weather Averages for Bali, Indonesia

I realize the formulas are kind of messed up. This is how it should have read.
Now, the moving average formula becomes =AVERAGE(OFFSET(G9,MATCH(MAX(H9:H869)-85+6,G9:G869,5),5,

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During summer, warm continents tend to be areas of low pressure and the relatively cool oceans tend to be areas of high pressure. In winter, the reverse is true: there is high pressure over the cold continents and low pressure over the relatively warm oceans. The same pressure variations occur in the warm and cold seasons of the Southern Hemisphere, although the effect is not as pronounced because of the much larger water areas of the Southern Hemisphere.

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A cloud is a visible aggregate of minute water or ice particles suspended in air. If the cloud is on the ground, it is fog. When entire layers of air cool to saturation, fog or sheet-like clouds result. Saturation of a localized updraft produces a towering cloud. A cloud may be composed entirely of liquid water, of ice crystals, or a mixture of the two.

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Cross section of a warm front (top) with the weather map symbol (bottom). The symbol is a line with rounded barbs pointing in the direction of movement. On a color map, a red line represents the warm front. The slope of a warm front is generally more shallow than that of a cold front. Movement of a warm front, shown by the heavy black arrow, is slower than the wind in the warm air, represented by the thin solid arrows. The warm air gradually erodes the cold air. (Courtesy of . government publication.)

Moving upward through the atmosphere, weight of the air above becomes less and less. Within the lower few thousand feet of the troposphere, pressure decreases roughly 6 in of mercury for each 6,555-ft increase in altitude. At sea level, the average pressure is about lb/in 7 . It has been found that the pressure will decrease by half for each 68,555-ft increase in altitude. Thus, at 68,555 ft, we could expect an average pressure of about lb/in 7 and at 86,555 ft, a pressure of only lb/in 7 , and so on.

A fast-moving cold front underrunning warm, moist, unstable air. Showers and thunderstorms develop along the surface position of the front. (Courtesy of . government publication.)

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