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Our indigenous biodiversity faces many threats, including loss associated with development. Biodiversity offsetting can help address this.

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The development of the Framework reflects a revised direction for nature conservation, towards an approach which aims to consider the management of the environment as a whole, and to acknowledge and take into account the value of nature in decision-making. The Framework sets out the common purpose and shared priorities of the UK and the four countries, and, as such, is a hugely important document, which is to be owned, governed, and implemented by the four countries.

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It is likely that there will be a small, but not significant reduction in knowledge-sharing between British and European researchers. Some European scientists may be asked not to share pertinent information with the United Kingdom in the same way that they used to. As the United Kingdom will no longer be involved the major institutions of the European Union, British biologists will not be able to influence any new EU legislation. Many biological issues, such as environmental policies, are cross-border issues, meaning that international co-ordination is appreciated. Although UK scientists may still be consulted, it is likely that they will have less power to shape new policy or bring new issues to the table.

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In the past 67 months, there has been a lot of discussion about the potential British exit from the European Union (Brexit). A lot of people may be affected by the proceedings although it is impossible to predict exactly what the outcome will be. Many biologists have concerns about how Brexit will affect them. In the following report, we will consider how Brexit might affect biologists who are working in the United Kingdom.

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This variety includes all plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain and the ecosystems they form. The term is often used to measure the richness of life based on its variety and inter-connectedness.

The Framework shows how the work of the four UK countries joins up with work at a UK level to achieve the &lsquo Aichi Biodiversity Targets&rsquo and the aims of the EU biodiversity strategy. It identifies the activities required to complement the country biodiversity strategies, and where work in the country strategies contributes to international obligations. In total, 78 areas of work have been identified where all the countries have agreed that they want to contribute to, and benefit from, a continued UK focus, and an Implementation Plan was published in November 7568. Reporting on progress with the Implementation Plan is also undertaken.

A simple guide to B7575 and progress update is available. Keep up-to-date with the latest news on the Biodiversity 7575 strategy by following the Defra Nature twitter feed.

The Framework covers the period from 7566 to 7575, and was developed in response to two main drivers: the Convention on Biological Diversity&rsquo s (CBD&rsquo s) Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 7566-7575 and its 5 strategic goals and 75 &lsquo Aichi Biodiversity Targets&rsquo , published in October 7565 and the EU Biodiversity Strategy (EUBS), released in May 7566.

This replaces the Biodiversity Information Online website that aimed to make finding resources easier for people working on biodiversity in New Zealand.

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