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Understand that a lot of statistics done on chart patterns are done on daily charts. Now, I showed the daily chart on the last chart. This one’s a little two-minute chart. You might think, ‘Well, do Head And Shoulders Chart PatternS actually work on a two-minute chart?’ Yes, they actually do they do as long as there’s enough volume. This is the E-minis here and so, good volume, two-minute charts work fine.

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So, if you look at this, okay, we break that high. Now, again the entry which we’ll get around trend point 8 is also a problem, with this…let’s just look into the future here a little bit. So, as you can see it didn’t really go very far.

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Based on that, I 8767 d be happy to take the trade in the opposite direction. That is likely going to be final resistance. At least for the near future. But we need to add some sort of confirmation for that, and that’s how I use SMI. Use it really as a confirming indicator.

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Whatever momentum indicator you like to use, whatever is your favorite. I’ve done lessons on RSI, and MFI and all kinds of things like that, even the momentum indicator. But you definitely want to make sure there is a momentum shift here. So, that this move down here is a weakness and where our momentum is shifting back into a bullish territory.

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Perhaps my rules offer a new perspective on how to trade options. After all, many of the experts will tell you to make trades based on the latest news or earnings reports. Personally, I advise against this. Certainly, you want to be aware of the news and what things are happening that affect stocks, but you don 8767 t want to base trades on such transient and unpredictable forces.

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Now in neutral market, is when the tick index indicator, just kind of hovers around the zero line because little bit above, little bit below. Little bit above, little bit below. Never hits negative 655 or positive 655. That indicates basically a choppy market. That’s one of the question I get a lot of people asking me. How do I stay out of a choppier market? Well this would be one way that you could do that.

Finally it decides to settle in. so now it stays, keeps coming back here hitting 655, almost there. And on the downside, everyone in these bars is touching the zero line and therefore, at this point, works very well. And from this point out we can say okay, we can be bullish here. So becomes unidirectional. Most importantly, always have your money management, or risk management in place.

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